Monday, 18 August 2014

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda - Explicit

 Throughout her career Nicki Minaj has used the public's fascination with her butt to supreme advantage in selling herself as a brand and in recent months she toned down on the extravagant hair extensions and candy coloured outfits to present a more natural look which I thinks suits her much better than before.

It's probably would be an understatement to say that nowadays Nicki is probably feeling the pressure from perceived or imagined rivals such as Iggy Azalea (aka "I.G.G.Y") So her latest drive for maximum publicity for her new single  'Anaconda' has come in  the form of  it's sexed up artwork on  the cover showing a rear view of Nicki in almost non existent pink underwear which prominently displays that famous or maybe infamous butt ..depending on your views on her.

As expected the cover and recently released tongue in cheek raunchy video has drawn a lot of criticism for the amount of flesh shown and garnered tons of press and publicity for her on twitter, facebook and other social media sites.- Is the single actually any good and is her butt now her biggest asset you might want to ask? the answer would probably depend on whether your are a fan or not  what is a definite thought is that the controversy is bound to continue.

Anyway Listen Check It Out And Feel Free To Leave Your Comments 

Peace and Blessings   

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Justin Bieber ft Poo Bear - Hard 2 Face Reality

Is bad boy Bieber about to make his way back to Selena this week he dropped a new track on his Sirbizzle soundcloud account 'Hard 2 Face Reality featuring singer/songwriter Poo Bear.

The RnB sounding track has sparked speculations that it's about his relationship with Selena Gomez his old flame and Justin added fire to the rumour by posting a snap of himself in the big apple with the quote 'Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but sh*t things change I'll think of something more romantic'

So if he is thinking about going back! then there's that age old question should she take him back!! and also is Justin now morphing from his pop base to R&B should he really be going down this route? -  I  admit I like the track - but feel free to leave your comments.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Michael Jackson -The Return Of The King Of Pop - Xscape

Yes it looks like the King is back, well not exactly from the dead unfortunately for all his millions of die hard fans and unlike Elvis we have yet to hear any stories of him being sighted in Memphis, some Tibetan Monastery or amongst the Hopi Indians somewhere in Arizona if you get my drift.

What is a definite though is that his latest post -houmous album 'Xscape' was released on13th May 2014- almost 6 years after he died on June 25 2009 aged 50. while preparing for his 'This Is It' comeback tour and it is a selection of 17 songs previously recorded by Jackson but never released these include the tracks Love Never Felt So Good which features Justin Timberlake  and 'Chicago' which has been updated by producer Timbaland  both tracks have  been getting quite a lot of  press and publicity already.

Apart from Timbaland there are also contribution from Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Jerome, J-Roc Harmon and McClain.

Is the album going to be another mega hit for Michael Jackson 'Love Never Felt So Good' which is  available for download on sites like Amazon and iTunes sounds decent it's got that kind of retro 80's soul feel reminding me of Michael's earlier album 'Off The Wall' and its got Justin Timberlake on it so I suspect It will have a pretty big impact in the charts

On the other hand you might just want to go for his 'Number Ones album' which features 18 of his best selling tracks and is available on most good download sites at a very low price. Anyway click on the links below if you wish to review download or listen to any of the tracks on Xscape and feel free to leave your comments below.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Richard Branson - Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

Richard Branson

 An entrepreneur is an innovator, a job creator, a game-changer, a business leader, a disruptor an adventurer according to Serial Global Entrepreneur Richard Branson.
They say if you want to be sucessful in business get a mentor - so I think for those aspiring business moguls of tomorrow or even today you couldn't do better than to take a few choice words of wisdom and inspiration from the man himself. Watch classic Ted interview with RB on how run a business and click on the links for more business tips 

One thing I would like to know is how does he manage to smile all the time - surely he must have some bad hair days

Peace I'm out. 


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The Art Of Self Obessession With Kim Khardashian

It like celebrity selfie's is the rage nowadays here's a few from Kim K honestly it all looks a bit silly to me I thought funny faces was for 5 year olds anyway I suppose she got da time and money to do dis kinda stuff enuff said.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Paris Hilton - Having A 'Good Time' ft Lil Wayne (Explicit)

Wondering what glamour queen Paris Hilton been up to lately some say she's kinda been a little overshadowed by former BFF Kim Khardashian –aka her best frenemy nowadays, but trust me love or loathe her the Hilton heiress famed for her hard work ethics has never been one to sit about idle living off that massive family fortune. 

Apart from being the head of a global multi mullion dollar retail business with stores in over 13 countries, selling perfumes and other luxury items she dabbled in reality Tv, acting, writing movies and real estate  recently launching her own real estate resort in the Philippines called the Paris Beach Club and then of course there's music.
Her latest single released back in October on the Cash Money Label  is titled ‘Good Time’ and features rap superstar Lil Wayne- is it any good?  it's  been doing well in the charts getting millions of views on youtube but why does she remind me of Barbie in the video

Anyway check it out and leave your comments  


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Monday, 17 March 2014

JLO - I Luh Ya Papi Ft French Montana

I Luh Ya Papi [feat. French Montana] [Explicit]

JLO Still Jenny from the block, JLO's day job nowadays might be judging on American Idol but she's also gearing up to release her eighth studio album after dropping the single 'Same Girl' in January and she's just released this one called 'I Luh Ya PaPi' featuring rapper French Montana.

There aren't any real suprises on the track it got some sing-talking, some funky beats and a more R&B influence than her typical Latin flavor and some have already been panning it as not really setting the world alight however it does grow on you after a few listens

Would I download it? probably but then I like JLO and its nice to hear new stuff from her and by the way can anyone tell me what does 'I Luh Ya Papi' mean. 


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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mariah Carey ft Trey Songz - 'You're Mine'

Another Big Big track from from the smooth silky tones of RnB super Diva 'Mariah'
'You're Mine' is the latest single to be released off her upcoming album the 'The Art Of Letting Go', which should be out sometime in May this year and it features rapper Trey Songz looks like it gonna be the Mimi hit season this year. - you ve got Beyonce and Rihanna but no one and I mean no one sings like Mariah this is a song that will instantly grow on you.

Oh  yeah and lest I forgot - big holla out to Nicky Minaj love to get her comments.. who knows she might even be happy to guest on one of Mariah's Tracks.. right!! yeah - where's the damm gat lets hope nobody getting clapped.

Anyway guys check it out enjoy and feel free to leave your coments 
Peace and I'm out 

Monday, 10 February 2014 Feelin Myself ft Miley Cyrus Wiz Khalifa & French Montana

You could definitely say 2013 was the year Miley returned to our screens with a vengeance as she completed the transformation from a previous life as Hillbilly Hannah Montana -squeaky clean teenybopper pop queen to the tongue touting scandalous pop vixen who also seems be hell bent on stoking up as much attention and criticism as  possible with quite a few controversial performances on stage.

Now I'm not even going start on about the twerking incident or the wrecking ball video because thats been done to death at the moment there are probably a few million miles of news print about Miley's antics

What I would like to comment on though is that she seems to be also hellbent on adding rap to her repertoire, she recently jumped on's new track 'feelin Myself' to as they say in the game spit a few verses along with Wiz Khalifa and Some dude called French Montana 

As expected her rap skills or lack of skills in this area have attracted a lot of comments and criticism with some of the brothers in the hood were already a little upset about the twerkin amid claims she's appropriating and denigrating the black dancehall culture and then she starts rapping!

Come on guys We all know she only started rapping last week,  well literally anyway so  she's not Missy Elliot or even Nicky Minaj  she's Milley she's got millions of fans  which means 'It's her Party she can do she wants' - So don't Judge her at the end of the day she trying to sell records and re invent herself and we all know that pushing the bounderies and controversy sells in pop,its all been done before just check out Madonna, Lady Gaga or even Nick Minaj. Anyway if she really wants to get hood and raise more eyebrows maybe she should try out her twerks on the likes of 50 cent or even Mike Tyson - then again maybe not.

What I do hate though is her new dress sense what's with the grotesques wonder woman like pants and why does she keep sticking her tongue out has she suddenly been told she was a labrador in a past life?  

Anyway now that I've got that little rant off my chest I  have to confess I like the track 'Feeling Myself' Ft Miley he not my favourite rapper but he knows how to drop a track, blasted Vevo won't allow the video to play on my blog but u can watch it on youtube - in the meantime in true style I'll drop a verse on Miley

'Ah got Miley on my .. Iris.
'Can ah deport her to.. Sirus.
Where she can twerk like a.. virus.
To the alien inside .. us.

Ok so it's an established fact I can't rap! then again I only started a few minutes ago and I' ve only got one fan - my mum  so there u go.  Anyway guys feel free to leave your comments or maybe drop a few of your own verses in my comments box.

Peace I'm Out 

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Justin Bad Boy Bieber

Justin Bad Boy Bieber as we all know as been all over the news for the wrong reasons for a while once he was a fresh faced squeaky clean pop star with a wierd hair cut and trillions of adoring female fans (well maybe not trillions but you know what I mean) and now the poor kid just seems to be finding it impossible to stay out of trouble and it's fast getting bit like an alcoholic trying stay away from drink the guy seems to attract trouble like flies to a dead fish oh by way 'poor' is probably not the right word for JB.

Anyway just to recap his most recent troubles last Saturday explicit photographs were published showing him and rapper pal Kalil Sharieff performing lewd acts on a stripper who sources say had been hired to perform for him at a party and looked old enough to be his mum - read full story on TMZ
Prior this JB has been having a series of run-ins with the law just last month he was accused of egging a neighbours house in his expensive Calabasas California community which lead to a raid on his house and arrest by sheriffs along with another pal Lil Za and this was following on from a previous arrest in the same month in Florida for allegedly resisting arrest and having an expired driving license after taking part in a drag race with pal Khalil he pleaded not guilty but was found to have marijuana and another drug in his system there you go the kid was high maybe that explains it all.

These latest incidents top off a series of previous incidents and bad publicity which has been ongoing over the past 12 month one of the saddest being the pictures allegedly showing him spitting on his fans last July - see story in Mail Online 

So can anyone tell me what's going on with this guy what happened to that fresh faced squeaky clean young pop star and his mum who seemed to be quite religious, well grounded and determined to keep him on the straight and narrow are his antics just a series of publicity stunts which are seriously going wrong or is he truly going off the rails and turning into to the teenager from hell. 

Meanwhile word on the streets is that the U.S authourities have suddenly realized that he's CANADIAN!! and are frantically looking for ways to send him back the only problem seems to be that the Canadian's are not too keen, they've been muttering about non returnable damaged goods... ''when we sent him over he was clean and well behaved so what happened huh -sorry guys but you can keep him"
Anyway if JB is going to continue with his high speed descent into notoriety and controversy he might want to consider choosing a suitable female partner to help him on his way - may I suggest Lindsay Lohan, or even Miley Cyrus then again if he now got a penchant for older women he might want try Lil Kim I'm sure she'd love to oblige.

Anyway guys I'm out of here -still a Beiber believer for life, don't send him back yet yikes