Monday, 18 August 2014

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda - Explicit

 Throughout her career Nicki Minaj has used the public's fascination with her butt to supreme advantage in selling herself as a brand and in recent months she toned down on the extravagant hair extensions and candy coloured outfits to present a more natural look which I thinks suits her much better than before.

It's probably would be an understatement to say that nowadays Nicki is probably feeling the pressure from perceived or imagined rivals such as Iggy Azalea (aka "I.G.G.Y") So her latest drive for maximum publicity for her new single  'Anaconda' has come in  the form of  it's sexed up artwork on  the cover showing a rear view of Nicki in almost non existent pink underwear which prominently displays that famous or maybe infamous butt ..depending on your views on her.

As expected the cover and recently released tongue in cheek raunchy video has drawn a lot of criticism for the amount of flesh shown and garnered tons of press and publicity for her on twitter, facebook and other social media sites.- Is the single actually any good and is her butt now her biggest asset you might want to ask? the answer would probably depend on whether your are a fan or not  what is a definite thought is that the controversy is bound to continue.

Anyway Listen Check It Out And Feel Free To Leave Your Comments 

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