Friday, 24 February 2017

Trump - Man of the People or Raving Meglomanic

Barely a month into his presidency the White House and the world of American politics seem to have been turned upside down by Donald Trump from the botched immigration order to resignations extra ordinary press conferences, making false news claims without bothering to fact check them and holding rallies where he has launched scathing attacks on anyone who dares to oppose him.

It seems barely a week or even  days go by without some fresh controversy and as the allegations and counterclaims continue about who said what to the Russians' Twitter mouth Trump' has dropped another bombshell by claiming he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, is this another false claim by a president out control or is there some truth to it, As the days go by its become harder and harder to tell where reality meets fiction in Trumps world.

While his thousands of followers hail him as a man who speaks with his heart and gets things done many of his detractors are comparing him to an African Dictator or even worse Adolf Hitler
Here are a few just reasons why many think Trump has been studying the Nazi rule book on how to sic gain influence and power

Used Racism to rise to power.
Used Racism to rise to power.
Blamed immigrants and Jews for Germany’s Problems.
Blames Mexicans, Muslims and immigrants for America’s Problems
Proposed mass deportations.
Proposed mass deportations

Promised to make Germany great again
Promises to make America great again
Relied heavily on propaganda and false information.
Uses Twitter, Social media and rallies to spread false news
Used fear and intimidation.
Uses fear and intimidation.
Burnt books and used the SS and Gestapo to attack the Press, Judges and anyone who opposed him.
Attacks the Press, Judges the Intelligence Community and anyone he does not like.
Made long hate speeches and ranted at rallies
Holds long press conferences and rants at rallies
Started war with Europe and the rest of the world
Threatening to start war with China, North Korea, Iran and Europe.
Allied with Japan
Allied with Japan
Had a funny hair style and moustache
Has a funny hair style no moustache ..yet

So are we really heading for a repeat of 1936, somehow I don't think so Trump despite all his bluster and ardent grassroots support is facing increasing opposition abroad and at home even within his own Republican party. The checks and balances within the American system of governance mean he will find it almost impossible to repeat what Hitler did in 1936 and ride roughshod over the Judiciary and legislative arms of the Government.

I also suspect that his habit of needlessly attacking almost everyone he doesn't agree with or who have a difference of opinion and his penchant for attracting enemies like a fox on a chicken farm will probably lead to his downfall.

Then again I didn't think he would win the election and he did!!  So we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds at the moment it's looking like we're in for quite a bit of turbulence, as they say the only constant is change - good luck guys I think we're all gonna need it.

Does he really need to get into a Twitter war with Arnie - really really!