Friday, 21 March 2014

Paris Hilton - Having A 'Good Time' ft Lil Wayne (Explicit)

Wondering what glamour queen Paris Hilton been up to lately some say she's kinda been a little overshadowed by former BFF Kim Khardashian –aka her best frenemy nowadays, but trust me love or loathe her the Hilton heiress famed for her hard work ethics has never been one to sit about idle living off that massive family fortune. 

Apart from being the head of a global multi mullion dollar retail business with stores in over 13 countries, selling perfumes and other luxury items she dabbled in reality Tv, acting, writing movies and real estate  recently launching her own real estate resort in the Philippines called the Paris Beach Club and then of course there's music.
Her latest single released back in October on the Cash Money Label  is titled ‘Good Time’ and features rap superstar Lil Wayne- is it any good?  it's  been doing well in the charts getting millions of views on youtube but why does she remind me of Barbie in the video

Anyway check it out and leave your comments  


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