Monday, 3 February 2014

Justin Bad Boy Bieber

Justin Bad Boy Bieber as we all know as been all over the news for the wrong reasons for a while once he was a fresh faced squeaky clean pop star with a wierd hair cut and trillions of adoring female fans (well maybe not trillions but you know what I mean) and now the poor kid just seems to be finding it impossible to stay out of trouble and it's fast getting bit like an alcoholic trying stay away from drink the guy seems to attract trouble like flies to a dead fish oh by way 'poor' is probably not the right word for JB.

Anyway just to recap his most recent troubles last Saturday explicit photographs were published showing him and rapper pal Kalil Sharieff performing lewd acts on a stripper who sources say had been hired to perform for him at a party and looked old enough to be his mum - read full story on TMZ
Prior this JB has been having a series of run-ins with the law just last month he was accused of egging a neighbours house in his expensive Calabasas California community which lead to a raid on his house and arrest by sheriffs along with another pal Lil Za and this was following on from a previous arrest in the same month in Florida for allegedly resisting arrest and having an expired driving license after taking part in a drag race with pal Khalil he pleaded not guilty but was found to have marijuana and another drug in his system there you go the kid was high maybe that explains it all.

These latest incidents top off a series of previous incidents and bad publicity which has been ongoing over the past 12 month one of the saddest being the pictures allegedly showing him spitting on his fans last July - see story in Mail Online 

So can anyone tell me what's going on with this guy what happened to that fresh faced squeaky clean young pop star and his mum who seemed to be quite religious, well grounded and determined to keep him on the straight and narrow are his antics just a series of publicity stunts which are seriously going wrong or is he truly going off the rails and turning into to the teenager from hell. 

Meanwhile word on the streets is that the U.S authourities have suddenly realized that he's CANADIAN!! and are frantically looking for ways to send him back the only problem seems to be that the Canadian's are not too keen, they've been muttering about non returnable damaged goods... ''when we sent him over he was clean and well behaved so what happened huh -sorry guys but you can keep him"
Anyway if JB is going to continue with his high speed descent into notoriety and controversy he might want to consider choosing a suitable female partner to help him on his way - may I suggest Lindsay Lohan, or even Miley Cyrus then again if he now got a penchant for older women he might want try Lil Kim I'm sure she'd love to oblige.

Anyway guys I'm out of here -still a Beiber believer for life, don't send him back yet yikes


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