Saturday, 22 March 2014

Richard Branson - Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

Richard Branson

 An entrepreneur is an innovator, a job creator, a game-changer, a business leader, a disruptor an adventurer according to Serial Global Entrepreneur Richard Branson.
They say if you want to be sucessful in business get a mentor - so I think for those aspiring business moguls of tomorrow or even today you couldn't do better than to take a few choice words of wisdom and inspiration from the man himself. Watch classic Ted interview with RB on how run a business and click on the links for more business tips 

One thing I would like to know is how does he manage to smile all the time - surely he must have some bad hair days

Peace I'm out. 


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The Art Of Self Obessession With Kim Khardashian

It like celebrity selfie's is the rage nowadays here's a few from Kim K honestly it all looks a bit silly to me I thought funny faces was for 5 year olds anyway I suppose she got da time and money to do dis kinda stuff enuff said.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Paris Hilton - Having A 'Good Time' ft Lil Wayne (Explicit)

Wondering what glamour queen Paris Hilton been up to lately some say she's kinda been a little overshadowed by former BFF Kim Khardashian –aka her best frenemy nowadays, but trust me love or loathe her the Hilton heiress famed for her hard work ethics has never been one to sit about idle living off that massive family fortune. 

Apart from being the head of a global multi mullion dollar retail business with stores in over 13 countries, selling perfumes and other luxury items she dabbled in reality Tv, acting, writing movies and real estate  recently launching her own real estate resort in the Philippines called the Paris Beach Club and then of course there's music.
Her latest single released back in October on the Cash Money Label  is titled ‘Good Time’ and features rap superstar Lil Wayne- is it any good?  it's  been doing well in the charts getting millions of views on youtube but why does she remind me of Barbie in the video

Anyway check it out and leave your comments  


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Monday, 17 March 2014

JLO - I Luh Ya Papi Ft French Montana

I Luh Ya Papi [feat. French Montana] [Explicit]

JLO Still Jenny from the block, JLO's day job nowadays might be judging on American Idol but she's also gearing up to release her eighth studio album after dropping the single 'Same Girl' in January and she's just released this one called 'I Luh Ya PaPi' featuring rapper French Montana.

There aren't any real suprises on the track it got some sing-talking, some funky beats and a more R&B influence than her typical Latin flavor and some have already been panning it as not really setting the world alight however it does grow on you after a few listens

Would I download it? probably but then I like JLO and its nice to hear new stuff from her and by the way can anyone tell me what does 'I Luh Ya Papi' mean. 


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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mariah Carey ft Trey Songz - 'You're Mine'

Another Big Big track from from the smooth silky tones of RnB super Diva 'Mariah'
'You're Mine' is the latest single to be released off her upcoming album the 'The Art Of Letting Go', which should be out sometime in May this year and it features rapper Trey Songz looks like it gonna be the Mimi hit season this year. - you ve got Beyonce and Rihanna but no one and I mean no one sings like Mariah this is a song that will instantly grow on you.

Oh  yeah and lest I forgot - big holla out to Nicky Minaj love to get her comments.. who knows she might even be happy to guest on one of Mariah's Tracks.. right!! yeah - where's the damm gat lets hope nobody getting clapped.

Anyway guys check it out enjoy and feel free to leave your coments 
Peace and I'm out